Friday, January 23, 2015

Valentines day cards ♡

My boyfriend and I created these cards for you guys! We've been selling them for a few weeks now but now we finally have them in person! Its our first round of attempting to make cards and we are really pleased with the way they came out! If you buy within the next week and a half they will come in time for valentines day! ♡ Let me know down in the comments which is your fave!~ 

The cards are blank on the inside and have a cute made with love logo on the back ♡ 

Baymax ♡ Zelda ♡ Pokemon

Monday, January 19, 2015


I took really cute pictures today of my Stay cute Fight like a girl jacket today! I wanted to share it with you guys because I feel like you'd really like it ♡ Preorders are up now for the jacket and you can get one here! The gun I'm using in this post is actually part of a cosplay I'm doing during the summer~ I can't wait to show it to you guys! Its fake though.. so don't worry ♡  

This is the outfit I wore today~ The top is from h&m and the skirt is from Urban outfitters. I matched this with some cut out kitty eats and platform maxstars! Oh and in case you didn't notice, I dyed my hair purple!

I really love the idea behind this jacket and its so warm and cozy! It fits like a boyfriend jacket and I absolutely adore it! It doesn't photograph well because its a windbreaker but its all black~

The knife is from INU INU and the phone case is from eBay ♡ I'm honestly in love with my new phone case because the glitter floats around everywhere and its so fun to play with when you're bored. I want to start making more of these outfit posts so let me know down in the comments if you'd like me to do that~

Saturday, January 17, 2015

My new tattoo ♡

I've been wanting to get a Korilakuma tattoo for so long now and I finally got it done! I got it done by the lovely Melvin at Propaganda Tattoo. It was my first time getting any kind of ink done on my legs! This is currently my 6th tattoo! It came out even better than I expected. Im so completely in love with it! I just got it today (Jan 17th) so its still pretty swollen and puffy but once it heals ill post an update photo! I actually found Melvin on instagram after looking everywhere for a tattoo artist that does cutesy tattoos. She actually did my other tattoo that you can see here

The details are so amazing! The sprinkles on the doughnuts and the little seeds on the strawberries are my favorite ♡ u ♡ Honestly it did hurt pretty bad and compared to my other tattoos its one of the worst ones but it was so worth it. It took around 4 and half hours in total so by the end of it my skin was really sensitive. I would do it all over again though if I had to because its so amazing. 

I really hope you guys like it and if you want to get anything done by Melvin I would suggest calling her at propaganda or message her on instagram! ♡ If you have any questions about tattoos or anything leave them below and ill do my best to answer them! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Frank body scrub review ♡

I've been wanting to try the Frank body scrub for so long now! I follow them on instagram and i'm addicting to using bath stuff so I had to buy it. They offer free shipping to the united states so that made it even better. It was around $18 and got to me really fast! It took less than a week. 

Heres the little flyer the scrub came with! The scrub is a coffee chocolate smell and it smells so amazing I want to keep it open at all times in my bathroom but I'm scared I'm going to spill it ; - ;.  Frank sells multiple kinds of scrubs and the one I picked up was the Cacao coffee scrub and they described it as: "Rich in antioxidants, cacao extract and macadamia oil to moisturise and restore unloved, damaged skin. " The site says it smells like chocolate cake but to me it smells like a chocolate coffee cake! So yummy!

The directions on the back of the bag are so adorable too! I really want to try their coconut coffee scrub next. The site says it smells like summer so I bet its amazing. I've used the scrub twice already and I saw an improvement right away. Frank scrubs target dry skin, cellulite, scars, and stretch marks so naturally I was so interested to see how it was going to work on me.

When I used it in the shower its honestly like heaven. It smells amazing and it lingers on your skin! I used about two tiny handfuls for my whole body and let it sit for about 5 minutes. It does get your shower kind of messy but its an easy clean. On their instagram I always see people posting pictures of them using it on their face and I tried it and wow! It helped this discoloration on my skin a lot. Its a little abrasive on your face so if you have sensitive skin I would be careful. The thing I like about this scrub is the fact that it doesn't melt away. The problem i have with a lot of scrubs is that the second it sees water it starts melting and you only get to scrub your skin for a few seconds! Frank is not like that AT all. It leaves you feeling so soft. If you scrub with this and put lotion on after you'll feel fantastic. It made my legs and arms look so healthy and even toned! I cannot wait to see the results after using it for a while if its already helping so much! I recommend this product 1001% I will be repurchasing FOR SURE! ♡ 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tokyo otaku mode finds ♡

Otaku mode has a bunch of cute things I wanted to share with you! I hope you enjoy ^__^ ♡ 

♥ Wooly plushie 

♥ Doughnut strap 

♥ Cat bookmarks 

♥ Cat bag 

♥ 3DS cat case 

Monday, January 12, 2015

How to make your desktop cuter ♡

My boyfriend and I worked on this blog post for you guys ♡ It has a bunch of wallpapers and icons you can use to change around your computer to make it look super adorable! The computer i'm working on is a Macbook pro "15. I really hope you guys enjoy ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

Friday, January 9, 2015

Lush bath bomb diary: Dragons egg ♡

I'm starting a brand new project this year. I'm going to be documenting all the lush bath bombs i use to benefit you! I'll include a couple of gifs to help you see how they work and what they do along with what I thought about them and how much it costed. I really hope you guys like this idea. I'm going to keep it going all year.

Dragons egg $6.25 attracted me because of how cute it looks on the outside! It has colorful pieces of confetti sticking out around it and smells really lemony, but not overpowering. Its one of the bigger bath bombs lush has to offer and usually the bigger ones do cooler things besides just make your bath tub a certain color. Some people cut their bath bombs in half in order to get more bang for their buck! I've done that a couple of times to bath bombs that are more expensive, like this one. That way you can use it twice.

The bath bomb reminded me of a pretty sunset at the beach. It smelt lemony and it made me feel happy for some reason. The little pieces of confetti melt away into your warm bath! Theres glitter all around in the water that made me feel like i was bathing in a warm sunset ^~^ Once the water drained it didn't stain my tub at all. There were some bits of glitter left over but it wasn't a lot. There wasn't any left over glitter on my skin either. My skin felt really soft and refreshed after and the smell lingered which I like!

4/5 I will buy this bb again! Not fairly soon, but it will be on my wish list. Its a great bath bomb to use in the morning or right before you get ready because the lemon scent does wake you up a little!♡ Please let me know in the comments if you like this idea and what bath bomb you want me to try next!